is a boutique intellectual property law firm offering legal services with emphasis on origination, protection and commercialization of the intellectual property.

This young yet dynamic law firm has provided legal service to some of the biggest names in the Indian industry and also to the emerging start ups. Backed with national and international experience, we have taken strides to equal the best names in the fraternity and continue our quest to reach the pinnacle of legal service.

Globalization and liberal economy has brought in many changes in India. Innovation and achievement in the field of information technology and biotechnology has put India amongst few of the top software developing and biotech research nations in the world with its market spanning almost all the major countries. Our auto industry is also a major force to reckon with. This change in our economy has created a demand for a law firm that can match quality and service of international law firms and yet provide efficient, honest and timely service.

The need of the time is a local law firm with global reach. Pune offers unique advantage, thanks to high connectivity with the entire country and rest of the world. Our law firm is Pune based giving us advantage of local knowledge coupled with international vision. We provide efficient, fast, reliable domestic and international legal service to cater to the needs of our clients.